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The PLATINUM difference to conventional dry dog food

The PLATINUM difference

Conventional complete dry food

  • Conventional dry dog food is usually predominantly made from plant-based raw materials and a small proportion of meat meal and not fresh meat. The residual moisture level at 8 % is significantly lower than it is in PLATINUM.
  • Production most often takes place in an extruder. Initially the ingredients are mixed with water. This mash is then heated to a high temperature and compressed into croquettes under high pressure.
  • Each croquette is enveloped in an outer layer which needs to be opened first. As a result of the duration of this process the food sits in the stomach for an extended period of time.

Conventional dry food swells up in the stomach as it absorbs a lot of fluid. The amount of time it sits in the stomach and intestine is also frequently considerably extended.



PLATINUM takes a very different approach

Since PLATINUM is cooked in its own meat juices and is dried at room temperature, it has a considerably higher moisture content than traditional dry dog foods. With 18 % residual moisture, consisting purely of meat juices, PLATINUM is incredibly moist. This is an important factor in the taste experience. Our customers even say that PLATINUM is the juicy dry food.


We use a minimum of 70 % fresh meat for the preparation of our food. In addition we add other highly digestible ingredients such as rice, potatoes and premium-quality cold-pressed oils, herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Furthermore: we are the only manufacturer to cook these ingredients in their own juices, without any water added, to preserve their nutritional value. That’s how PLATINUM retains its high quality.

PLATINUM doesn’t expand in the stomach – this significantly decreases the risk of stomach torsion!

With PLATINUM dry dog food, the composition, the high proportion of fresh meat, the high-quality ingredients and the preparation together ensure that the food neither expands or cooks in the stomach. The pieces of food are soft and compact and have a high nutritional value meaning that your dog needs is significantly less than he would need with conventional dry dog food. This means that the stomach of your dog is put under less strain and empties itself quicker.


Conventional dry food expands in the stomach as it absorbs fluids. The amount of time it stays in the stomach and intestine is also most often considerably longer. Three factors are responsible for this:

  • It is usually made from a small proportion of meat meal and mainly plant-based raw materials.
  • The production most often takes place in the extruder.
  • Each individual piece of kibble is enveloped in a tough layer of starch.


PLATINUM dry dog food does not swell in the stomach!

You will see the difference: After feeding, your dog’s stomach won’t bloat – it won’t have a ‘dog food belly’.

This significantly reduces the risk of stomach torsion – particularly when the stomach is full. The essential resting period after eating can therefore be significantly reduced.



This is what constitutes the difference between PLATINUM and conventional dry dog food:

  • PLATINUM doesn’t expand in the stomach and furthermore doesn’t bloat
  • The passage through the stomach and intestine is significantly reduced
  • The intestine quickly absorbs Nutrients

The PLATINUM benefits

A healthy, happy life

You will notice these benefits just a few weeks after you start feeding your dog with PLATINUM:

  • A happier life
    The ease of digestion takes care of this – the liver, kidneys and skin are not put under strain by ingredients which are not beneficial to your dog.
  • Increased muscle mass
    The high-quality proteins from the fresh meat stimulate muscle building.
  • A shiny, healthy coat
    The nourishing, cold-pressed oils contained in the food and the purity of our ingredients ensure this.
  • No intolerances or allergies
    PLATINUM is digested with such ease because of its natural and healthy composition that intolerances are very rare. Your dogs metabolism is not put under strain by denatured ingredients that can cause itching or other skin problems.
  • Less “output”
    As PLATINUM food is used optimally by the body, the dog suffers neither wind or diarrhoea. Even the stools they leave behind are very small and firm.

First-class packaging

Since mites in the food can be responsible for allergies (itching etc), we make certain that PLATINUM is free from mites. Unlike traditional dry dog food, PLATINUM is packaged in high-quality pouches immediately after the manufacturing process is complete. In addition we do not store our food in silos. Mites have absolutely no chance here.


PLATINUM dry dog food

The strong keep-fresh pouch ensures that the aroma is always preserved so that your dog enjoys our food from the first to the last bite. The pouches are available in 1.5 kg and 5 kg sizes; orders for larger amounts will still consist of multiple 5 kg pouches ensuring even when you get to the bottom of the bag, the food is still as fresh as the first meal ! Our dry dog food is durable for 18 month after production.



The PLATINUM recipe

The PLATINUM recipe
Minimum 70 % fresh meat, high-quality ingredients: Discover for yourself how recipe and preparation make PLATINUM so unique.

more about PLATINUM recipe

Dogs need meat

Dogs need meat
With PLATINUM, dogs get what the wolf inside them craves: high-quality proteins made of a minimum of 70 % fresh meat – nutrition that is ideal for dogs of any age and breed.