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Here you will find answers to questions asked to our customer service, practical tips for feeding your dog with PLATINUM dog food prepared with FSG and for feeding your cat with MeatCrisp from the Freshmeatdryer.

Dog Food

In principle, it is possible to feed your dog a combination of the different Fit-Bits varieties. However, due to the corresponding feeding recommendation and the recommended minimum quantity, a maximum of 2 varieties should be given at the same time to dogs up to 30 kg.

We recommend giving our functional snacks to dogs from the age of approx. 1 year. If you want to feed our Fit-Bits to your young dog before this age, we recommend consulting your vet.

We recommend storing our dry food directly in the existing bag. The food is packed airtight in the bag right after production and is not stored temporarily. To keep it fresh and aromatic, you should seal the bag airtight after opening with our bag clip with handle.

To do this, proceed as follows:
  1. Fold the bag over at the top.
  2. Push the bag clip into the resulting fold. The yellow tongue must be placed on the inside, the green border is placed above the fold. 
  3. Now the bag clip can be easily pulled over the bag and closes it.
  4. You can now easily lift the bag by the handle of the clip and carry it.

You can find clear video instructions here.

In principle, a change is possible at any time. Different varieties can also be fed on the same day. However, we recommend feeding the opened bag first. In addition a selection in the bowl should be avoided, especially during the change phase to Platinum or if there are known intolerances.

The dry dog food is durable for 18 month after production, the wet dog food MENU is durable for 36 month and Menu Mini for 24 months after production.

Compared to conventional dry food, which is mainly made from meat meal, the slow-cook meat juice method requires at least 70% fresh meat in order to prepare PLATINUM dry food. The difference between meat meal and fresh meat is very huge. In order to obtain meat meal from fresh meat, the fresh meat has to be heated strongly and exposed to high heat for a long time, often also to high pressure. This removes the nutrient-rich meat juice from the fresh meat in addition to the flavor carrier fat. Meat meal therefore is significantly lower in nutrients than fresh meat. We know from cooking that meat juice and fat make the roast a pleasure in the first place, which is why we do not prepare the Sunday roast with meat meal. Thanks to the slow-cook meat juice method, the PLATINUM dry food does not contain any locks or flavors, no coloring or odorous substances and no flavor enhancers.

Every dog is originally descended from wolves, the digestive tract is designed for meat. Our kibbles are designed in such a way that they can be absorbed easily by any breed from the Chihuahua to the Great Dane and they satisfy the needs of all breeds equally.

A healthy senior dog can still be fed with PLATINUM as our food is very easy to digest and the ingredients it contains are of high quality. Please note, however, that the energy expenditure decreases with the age and the amount of food should be reduced if necessary. If an illness is discovered in your older dog, we recommend individual advice from our veterinary department.

To avoid causing problems in the puppy learning to produce the important substances contained in the extract on its own, they should not be supplied in the food in the first 3 months.

If you want to offer your dog a little variety, you can easily switch between all types of PLATINUM food. It does not matter whether you give wet food in the morning and dry food in the evening or vice versa. A combination of wet and dry food in one meal is also possible, as both forms of feeding have the same digestibility with PLATINUM.

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