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The PLATINUM wet dog food recipe: Fresh meat, full flavour!

The PLATINUM recipe

We only use the best ingredients for our PLATINUM wet food preparation:

  • 83 % fresh meat/ fish with proteins as they occur in nature.
  • gluten-free, rice, corn or potatoes as high-quality sources of carbohydrates.
  • oils added at room temperature for optimal fat balance.
  • selected vegetables and fruits with natural antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements for a balanced diet.
High Fresh meat contentHigh fresh meat content Potatoes & riceGluten-freeGently cookedOptimal digestibilityWithout any added waterGMO-freeSoya-free

We promise you:

PLATINUM is made with no flavouring agents, attractants, food colouring and flavour enhancers!

We only use the best ingredients for our PLATINUM wet food preparation

The PLATINUM cooking method –  gentle and innovative

Not only the ingredients are crucial when preparing Platinum pet food. A unique cooking process that protects the nutrients also plays its part!

This is why we use innovative packaging for PLATINUM MENU: the special Tetra Pak packaging and the 100g pot allow us to steam cook the food very gently without adding any water and cooking it on its own juices.

Thanks to the high quality of both packages, the nutrients and vitamins are retained because we use a short cooking time thus ensuring our food remains juicy and delicious.

Slim packaging =
short cooking time = more nutrients & more flavour

The slim Tetra Pak allows much shorter cooking time, it also ensures perfect cooking results. On the other hand when the food is cooked in a tin, the food is often over coocked, meaning by the time it is cooked in the middle, its already overcooked at the edges. The main reason for this is the large space between the casing and the centre of the tin.


Slim or flat packaging = short cooking time = more nutrients & more flavour

When you buy food for yourself you pay attention to quality, ingredients and taste. Why don't you do the same when it comes to feeding your best friend?

Compare the declarations!

Ordinary wet food ingredients list

chicken & rice

meat and animal by-products (59 %, amongst others 4 % poultry), cereals (4 % cooked rice), minerals, oils and fats (amongst others 1 % sun flower oil), vegetable by-products, meat broth.

Ingredients for PLATINUM wet dog food MENU Chicken

Ingredients List of PLATINUM wet food MENU Chicken

chicken (& rice)

Fresh chicken meat (83 %), broken rice, dehydrated vegetables (broccoli, carrots, leek), salmon oil, dried brewers’ yeast, olive oil.

Small words – great effect

Pay special attention to product names containing the word "with". Like in this case, the variety denomination does not have to be the main ingredient. In the present example, the variety "with chicken & rice" contains only 4% poultry meat, which kind of meat is used in addition is not shown here. Even rice as an important carbohydrate supplier is only included with 4 %. Above all, this dog food contains unspecified meat as well as animal by-products, cheap grain and meat broth, which dilutes the nutritional value.


The principle of the open Ingredients List

Only the best ingredients are used for PLATINUM MENU Chicken preparation: Fresh chicken meat  (no other unknown meats) provides your dog high quality proteins. All our range it is gluten and wheat free and contains GMO-free rice/potatoes as an easily digestible carbohydrate source. Furthermore selected vegetables and cold pressed oils are included. All ingredients are declared honestly. Besides no water and/or broth is added so the wet food is not diluted at all and it is full of flavaour and nutrients.


PLATINUM wet dog food MENU & MENU Mini

wet dog food:

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