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The PLATINUM-Difference Wet Food

The PLATINUM difference

Conventional wet food

By adding water or meat bouillon diluted with water, conventional wet food contains a high level of moisture, although its nutritional value has literally been watered down.

Only the best for our dogs!

For this reason, we pay particular attention to the ingredients that are processed in our premium-quality pet food, and we deliberately take a different approach:

We don’t add water when preparing our PLATINUM MENU. Our wholesome wet food is cooked exclusively in its own meat juice!

PLATINUM quality wet food

This process is not only particularly gentle but it also guarantees that the nutrients crucial for dogs remain natural and undiluted.

Less is more!

You can be sure of the absorption of the food, which is particularly high with PLATINUM MENU. In addition to excellent digestible ingredients, it contains a very low amount of moisture, which consists exclusively of juices from fresh meat or fish. Unlike many other manufacturers, whose wet pet food consists of up to 80 percent (nutrient-free) water, we refrain from artificially adding water! Thus, PLATINUM MENU is extremely rich thanks to highly digestible and undiluted nutrients.

PLATINUM MENU – undiluted pleasure.


The PLATINUM recipe wet food

The PLATINUM recipe
83 % meat / fresh fish, high-quality ingredients - Find out for yourself what makes the PLATINUM MENU recipe and preparation so unique.



No water, pure meat / fish juice: more nutrients!

No water, pure meat / fish juice, more nutrients!

Added water   Added water
Pure meat / fish juice Pure meat / fish juice
Nutrients: Proteins, fats, carbohydrates and more Nutrients: Proteins, fats, carbohydrates and more

In practice this means:

Each 375 gram pack of PLATINUM MENU is equivalent to the nutritional value of an 800 gram tin of conventional premium wet food. This means your dog needs a lot less.

In short:

PLATINUM MENU meets the highest standards of quality and taste!