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PLATINUM dog food as a supplement or alternative to a raw food diet

PLATINUM dog food as a supplement or alternative to “BARF”

“BARF” is a German acronym which stands for “biologically appropriate raw food” and is a term used for the concept of feeding a dog exclusively raw and self-prepared food, such as fresh meat, bones and vegetables. However, “BARF” signifies much more than this. It reflects a person’s belief to feed their beloved four-legged companions in a manner similar to their wolf ancestry.

Convinced “raw feeders” place great importance on the choice of fresh products and follow a set plan when feeding their dogs. However, vets have a critical view regarding this type of nutrition for dogs. They recommend that in addition to all the natural foods, pet owners should add important ingredients that may not necessarily be included in a “BARF” diet. These ingredients need to be bought separately and integrated into the diet. Ingredients include, for example, calcium, copper, zinc, iodine, vitamin A and D and also some non-essential but nonetheless sensible additions such as herbs and green-lipped mussel extract.

PLATINUM dog food is the perfect alternative or sensible supplement for a “BARF” diet.


At PLATINUM we are also aware of a dogs' wolf heritage, but we make no compromise in the quality of our food additives. We also use an unusually high proportion of fresh meat (at least 83 % for PLATINUM MENU). We enrich our complete food with all the additional ingredients required for the balanced supply of nutrients for a healthy and agile dog.

So if you are thinking of using “BARF” as a nutritional concept for your dog but are reluctant to commit to all the additional time needed such as preparing the meals yourself, purchasing, storing and maintaining the freshness of ingredients, mixing in necessary additives, etc., we recommend PLATINUM pet food!

Many dog owners who feed raw also consider our products as an optimal alternative for holidays and other situations where it is hard or impossible to take fresh meat and vegetables. Other “raw feeders” still supplement PLATINUM with additional fresh ingredients.


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