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Feedback from Tania:

It's lovely to see my old 14 year old toy poodle jumping up with her nose in the air when it's feeding time. Before, she had to be tempted off the sofa to come to her food bowl. I now feed the Iberico, clean bowls all round. It's a bit more expensive but so worth it to see happy content dogs. Would definitely recommend it.

Feedback from Sarah:

This company is just ACE! My gang have been on it since March this year and wolf it down, all of them. It fab food and a great company who provides fab customer service. Well deserving of five stars

Feedback from Debbie:

Best food we have ever come across. We have two mega picky larger breed dogs (Leon berger and a newfi cross) both of them clear their bowls every mealtime. Not much waate to pick up either which is an added bonus. I will certainly be sticking to this. Well done guys

Feedback from Lisa:

I just had to contact you, I have just received my first order of your Iberico & greens and apart from the amazing speedy delivery, my dogs love it. I mean they REALLY love it. I have a 2 1/2 year old fussy Jack russell terrier and a 17 month old Rottie with a sensitive stomach and they were drooling over this food. We have always bought top quality food for our dogs, but yours is different, it is moist for a start and clearly very tasty and it smells good too. I can't praise you enough, and I will be ordering more very soon. I am definately going to be a regular customer.
Many Thanks from me and the dogs. 

Feedback from Tony:

Just thought I'd report back on Alfie's Christmas present. 

To be truthful I was not keen to change his feeding regime. But I'm pleased to let you know I am impressed.  We're half way through the trail having just finished the dry food.

Just a few observations.

1.  I thought the volume of food would not be enough - it is Alfie has not lost any weight.  His coat looks good even better than before.

2. Given the above - the cost of the food is competitive with his previous premium dry food.

3.  Though he still eats very quickly he is noticeably slower with the Platinum product and actually chews some of the pieces.

4.  Finally and very noticeably the volume of his faeces has reduced dramatically and the stools themselves have been uniform in color and consistency.  They are easier to bag and don't smell as much.

5. The product is easy to handle and does not break down to dust like the drier foods.

I'll let you know when he's finished the wet food. First signs are good no change to bowel movements.



Feedback from Julia:

Well, Buddy definitely approves of your dog food! I gave him some as a treat last night when I got in. This morning when I was making his normal breakfast I knocked a sample back on the floor and a couple fell out so he ate them. He then refused to eat his normal breakfast because he wanted more of the Platinum! So far o good!