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Feedback from Sue:

My 11 dogs are loving the new food. All enjoy the taste and texture (even the fusspot one). They ages are 14months to 15 years. Suits them all. I have noticed an increase in energy in all dogs

Thank you 

Feedback from Ulf and Regina V. (name abbreviated):

Our 15-month-old black male Malinois had a very bad case of giardia as a puppy. He almost died from it. His intestine was obviously badly affected. For a long time we were looking for a food that he could tolerate. We tried everything, while focusing on avoiding cereals. We had no luck. He had permanent diarrhoea or very runny defecation and stomach pain.

After a long search we came across Platinum. And lo and behold: just a day after we switched the food, everything cleared up. We gave him lamb and rice, mainly because of the low amount of fat. Dojo feels better, his toilet movements couldn’t be better and his stomach pains have gone too.

We will certainly be changing our Giant Schnauzer over and we would recommend your food without reservation.

Ulf and Regina V.

Feedback from Sascha S. and Daniela H.-S. (name shortened):


We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the excellent food that you supply. We struggled for many months with our cross-breed male “Bobby” to make him what he is (and eats!) today! We rescued him from very poor conditions and nursed him lovingly back to health, which was difficult for us at first. The dog came to us with very bad diarrhoea, even letting him out every hour did not help.

After a long period under the vet and lots of experiments with food, we came across your site. And it seems to be doing the trick. Your food agrees with our “Bobby” very well and we have been able to watch his digestion improving, to the point that it is now working normally. His coat is beautifully shiny and instead of having to go to the toilet 7 (!!) times a day, he now only has to go once or twice.

The inventor of your food deserves a big pat on the back, keep it up. We have recommended it to many dog owners already and have now also got Dr Zieris’s veterinary practice in Hettenleidelheim on board, where the vet is very impressed with our success.

Thank you for giving us such good food!

Sascha S. und Daniela H.-S. with “Bobby”


Feedback from Faruk C. (name shortened):

well done!

I must congratulate you from the bottom of my heart for managing to produce such a high-quality dry food for dogs. I always used to give my dogs raw food, but unfortunately that was too difficult in the long term. Then I tried out your dog food and I must say, I love it! It’s the nearest thing to raw food. The best dry food I have ever come across. Very easy to digest, low quantity of faeces and, the most important thing of course: the dog likes the taste of it! With all of the other would-be “high-quality” and expensive foods (…), there is up to at least 80% cereal and the rest is waste from animals – animal by-products! Your food has the optimal composition. At least 70% meat! All I can say, it’s top class!

From now on, I say “either Platinum Natural, or NOTHING!”

Faruk C.

Feedback from Elke K. (name shortened):

RE: Thank you very much for your order!

Thank you for completing my order so quickly. We already received the food yesterday – to great pleasure of our dog. I got the tip and a sample of the food at the weekend from a lady who runs our dog training school and swears by Platinum. Our dog really enjoyed the sample. It’s just different from the traditional dry foods – it even smells very pleasant.

Elke K.