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Feedback – recommendations are the best confirmation of our product

Anyone who feeds their dog PLATINUM will have a happy four-legged friend at their side that is able to enjoy a long and healthy life. PLATINUM can be used to deal with existing conditions resulting from diet; this applies to digestive problems, for example, allergies, skin problems, lack of energy and muscle loss.

Protect your dog from these conditions from the start by using PLATINUM food. Many breeders and dog owners already recommend us for this reason. In the past we have gained numerous customers through recommendations alone.

Please also take a look at our “Champions” page.

Feedback from Lesley:

Can't rate this company enough.
I tried my dogs on a new food & they refused to it eat it - wouldn't even eat tinned food...I decided to try this food after i'd fed them the free samples 
When i went to order food was a bit concerened because said 3 - 5 days delivery was worried what i was going to feed them.
I ordered my food late Thursday evening & much to my suprise arrived first thing Monday morning (wasn't expecting until at least Wednesday because of weekend).
I'm pleased to say i've had 3 empty bowls..I was expecting bad stomachs as fed it to them straight away due to them refusing to eat - but nothing apart from a occassional bout of smelly wind lol 
I think this company is marvelous & can't thank them enough for getting the food to me as quick.

Feedback from Charlie:

Absolutely brilliant, im so happy and it agrees with my 3 including the youngest that suffers with allergies and was struggling with regular food

Feedback from Vicki:

Amazing food my chihuahua's love it, even my Tibetan spaniel who is finicky and was on an veterinary diet before cant get enough and it hasn't upset his sensitive tummy! I can't recommend this food enough, also more than happy to support a local business 
Carry on the good work platinum!!

Feedback from Jenny:

Superb quality dog food. Since starting on Platinum after Crufts our 4 year old Tibetan Terrier who has suffered itchy skin and alopecia has thrived and is a different dog. He's not itching and making himself sore and there are no bald patches. We feel feeding him platinum is a major part of his recovery. Very efficient and helpful company too!.

Feedback from Annalisa:

Having one fussy Lurchers who has never eaten out of his bowl for 2 years. I ordered samples which arrived today. He ate all 3 varieties out of his bowl. Hence I've placed my order today. Can't wait to receive it. No more feeding nightmares for me yeah. Thank you platinum. You've been a life saver for me. Won't hesitate to recommend you to my friends.
Only downside is I can't buy it in the shops so I have to wait for delivery. Small price to pay for a happy dog & owner. Well done platinum.