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The PLATINUM preparation dry dog food

The PLATINUM preparation – for a natural, healthy diet

It is not just the ingredients that make PLATINUM nutritionally beneficial. A special manufacturing process which protects the nutrients also plays its part. It ensures that the proteins and carbohydrates are easier to digest than with conventional dry food.

The unique, gentle “pressure cooker” cooking method:

First the chopped pieces of meat and rice/maize or potato are added to the cooking pot.
These ingredients are cooked at 95°C in their own juices, without adding water, and are then dried slowly and carefully.
When the drying process is completed, cold-pressed oils, herbs and vitamins are added at room temperature.
Finally, the items are shaped and immediately packed into airtight containers. Only in this way can PLATINUM remain fresh, moist and most importantly, free from mites.
PLATINUM gentle cooking method dry dog food

Smells of meat – tastes of meat.

Your dog will love it. Just give it a try.


The PLATINUM benefits against conventional dry dog food

The PLATINUM benefits
PLATINUM quality provides visibly more vitality and better health for your dog. Try it for yourself!