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Feeding Guidelines Puppies

Feeding table for puppies

Our Puppy Chicken is the best way to start your puppies off and gives them the best chance of developing. Please observe the following points when feeding:

  • Portion out the dry food or moisten it with a little water.
  • Do not let it soak; feed it immediately.
  • Always have fresh water available.
  • Only feed more if needed.
  • Never overfeed puppies and young dogs.

From suckling to weaning

The nutritional needs of the puppies increase rapidly and so after few weeks you should start to add some extra food to their diet. At the age of 3-4 weeks, depending on the breed and the number of puppies, you should start feeding a supplementary solid food. You start with one meal a day and this increases over time to four meals.

Our MENU Chicken wet food is very well suited to start feeding puppies after the suckling period. Mashing a small portion of the MENU Chicken wet food with some lukewarm water and then offering the puppies the resulting puree as a „first meal“ has proven successful. In the following days, you can gradually add more crumbled/blended puppy dry food to let the puree meal to set. Our Puppy dry food is very easy to crumble/blend thanks to a residual moisture content of 18% and the puppies are quite keen on the resulting small pieces.

Switching from puppy to adult feed

The timing of the transition from the puppy to adult feed depends, among other things, on the expected size and breed of your dog. Small breeds (such as the Dachshund and Pug) can be given the puppy feed up to 12 months of age. Medium-sized dogs (such as the Australian Shepherd and Border Collie) are usually switched after teething is complete (about 6 months), and large breeds (such as the Bernese Mountain Dog and Rhodesian Ridgeback) can already be given adult feed from the 4th month of age. We recommend feeding our Adult Chicken variety up to 12 months of age for the medium-sized breeds. The protein composition and the calcium to phosphorus ratio are perfectly suitable for the growing dog in this case as well. The green-lipped mussel extract has a positive effect on cartilage and synovial fluid, since in heavier dogs the joints are under greater stress. If your dog would like something else, we recommend the Iberico+Greens variety.

If the transition to adult feed takes place before the age of 1 year, then you should use the feeding recommendation on the puppy table below as a guide up to the end of the 12th month of age to ensure an adequate supply of nutrients.

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