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Our philosophy: what we stand for

At the core of our business is ensuring your pet's well-being through high-quality, natural foods and pet care products. That's what motivates the PLATINUM team. Our philosophy is clear: back to basic needs.

Dogs need and want food that is reminiscent of the prey that their ancestors hunted. The main ingredients in our natural products are fresh meat and fresh fish, as well as other valuable nutrients that are optimal for your pet's digestion. These are the best conditions for our beloved four-legged friends to enjoy a long and healthy life.

Our pet care products are also based on essential ingredients and are 100% natural. Gentle yet effective, they enhance the well-being of our four-legged companions.

Our total dedication to your pets' welfare is also demonstrated in that many of our own team members are themselves experienced dog owners of many years. We believe this contributes fundamentally to our expertise in advising our customers – we will gladly share our knowledge and experience with you! That's also why we sell our products directly or through a few carefully selected retailers.

Being close to our customers and their pets is important to us. 

Our story: where we come from

The history of our company dates some years back. It all began with a friend of the PLATINUM founder, Rainer Voortman. He had an ambition to develop a new formula for dry dog food that would combine high-quality ingredients with a special production method. Inspired by this concept, Voortman – a long-term dog-owner – developed the idea together with his friend on a small scale. At first, this was only as a hobby.

Once they were convinced that they had developed a unique formula which provided an unrivalled quality of dog food, Rainer Voortman decided to name the product after the precious metal platinum.

In 2004 Rainer Voortman finally founded Pro Developments GmbH & Co. KG. Voortman's vision was the same back then as it is now: to provide pets with the food and care that suit their nature. The business quickly grew from a small, home-based operation to a medium-sized business with an excellent reputation. Eventually, the company moved to Bingen am Rhein and was renamed PLATINUM GmbH & Co. KG.

A range of PLATINUM dry foods, as well as Fit-Sticks and Click-Bits dog snacks, were gradually launched. This was in addition to PLATINUM MENU, the wet dog food.

We still maintain the original idea of using only ingredients that suit an animal's nature. Since the beginning, we have been using only the freshest natural ingredients. We never add any flavour enhancers or artificial flavouring. This straightforward formula does not compromise on quality – it's certainly the reason why PLATINUM products have filled many hungry bellies, even beyond Germany’s borders. Not only our customers, but also our distributors, are international: PLATINUM has reliable partners in several countries worldwide.