Snacks prepared with FSG

Snacks prepared with FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) are perfect as a reward, for training and competitions.

We use FSG to prepare our snacks. It was developed in the kitchen and not in the feed industry. The method is based on techniques often used by culinary chefs to make meat tastier and healthier by using meat juices. FSG is a carefully selected combination of these cooking techniques, adapted to the physical needs and tastes of dogs.

FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) is a process in which fresh meat is cooked in its own nutrient-rich meat juice, just like in the kitchen. Our snacks are produced when the fresh meat is cooked at a low temperature over a long period of time and the meat juice is constantly concentrated using a cooking technique known as reduction.

The FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) process produces the important properties of our snacks that are so highly valued by dog lovers:

FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) retains the biologically important nutrients in our snacks. This is because of the

  • nutritious meat juices in fresh meat,
  • the low cooking temperature and
  • the addition of cold-pressed oils after cooling at room temperature.

FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) creates a treat for your dog, completely without additives, flavourings, colourings, odours or flavour enhancers. This is because of:

  • The low cooking temperature: This preserves the flavours in the natural fat content of the fresh meat.
  • The reduction: This is a preparation technique used in FSG that is familiar to many cooks. The gentle cooking (reduction) reduces the moisture content in the meat juices, making the natural meat flavour more intense.

One technique used in FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) is reduction, a method that has been used in cooking for years. Reduction intensifies the natural flavours and is also thickening, which makes our snacks soft and chewy. Snacks made by FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) become soft and chewy through the meat juice of the fresh meat alone.

FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) makes our snacks highly digestible. This is due to the large amount of fresh meat used, which is what makes meat juice cooking possible in the first place. Dogs' digestive systems are designed for meat. This means that dogs digest meat faster and also utilise it more effectively than humans. This is why snacks prepared with FSG are naturally easily digested and effectively utilised.

FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) means that our snacks not to swell in the dog’s stomach. This helps your dog maintain their attention and motivation.

Snacks prepared with FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) contain only the necessary carbohydrates for your dog’s health and these are gluten-free, wheat-free, soya-free and GMO-free as too many carbohydrates slow down the digestion and are a common cause of tartar. By reducing the amount of carbohydrates to the quantity necessary for health

  • the digestion eases,
  • the tartar formation reduces.

In a world full of advertising slogans, it’s pretty hard to tell the good from the bad.
This is also why we have decided to commission TÜV SÜD ELAB to regularly and independently test our dog food made from FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) and to publish all test parameters online for everyone to see.

The test parameters are formulated as questions:

Are the snacks prepared with FSG genuinely made with the advertised amount of fresh meat?

  • Yes, this was confirmed by the regular and independent test.

Are the declarations on the packaging correct?

  • Yes, this was confirmed by the regular and independent test.

Are the snacks prepared with FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) safe with regard to harmful substances such as germs, bacteria (Enterobacteriaceae, E. coli, presumptive Bacillus cereus, Staphylococcus, Clostridium perfringens, Salmonella and others), yeasts/moulds as well as heavy metals and mycotoxins?

  • Yes, this was confirmed by the regular and independent test.

Further information is available at:

Dog food tested by ELAB Analytik GmbH

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Snacks made from fresh meat (dog snacks)

Even a quick glance at a dog's dentition shows unmistakably: it is made for meat. Canine teeth and carnassial teeth are not found in an herbivore. As the dog’s intestine is short it is optimised for the absorption of nutrients from meat – It is shorter than it is in humans and also significantly shorter than the intestine of a pure herbivore.
Therefore, the structure of the dog’s body leaves no doubt that physical well-being and lasting health can be achieved with meat as the main component of the diet. For this reason, PLATINUMS's focus has always been fresh meat. When we talk about meat we are talking about fresh meat and not about meat meal und animal by-products.

Dog snacks prepared with FSG (Fleischsaftgarung)

Meat becomes more digestible by heating. Scientists of Harvard University have found out that proteins denatured by heat can be digested faster than raw meat. This is valid for humans as for animals. Furthermore, heating the meat kills any pathogens (germs and bacteria) that may be present and therefore spares the body an energy-demanding reaction against infection.
Therefore, we cook fresh meat into snacks. The method of preparing is called FSG (Fleischsaftgarung). In that process fresh meat is cooked only in its own meat juice as in the kitchen. We are not talking about everyday kitchen, but gourmet cuisine, where chefs use special cooking methods to prepare meat tastier and also healthier thanks to the meat juice. FSG combines a selection of these cooking methods to prepare delicious and nutritious treats (dog snacks).

Snacks prepared with FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) are produced by cooking fresh meat in its own meat juice at a low temperature for a long time while the meat juice is constantly reduced. The remaining moisture of the meat juice makes our snacks prepared with FSG chewy-soft. Reducing the meat juice enhances the meat taste and smell in a natural way. Therefore, our snacks prepared with FSG come without flavour enhancers, attractants and odourants.The low temperature during cooking also preserves the nutrients of meat and meat juice.
The dog's digestive system is made to digest meat, which is why snacks prepared with FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) have an excellent conversion into energy available for the body to use. The naturally high digestibility is also shown by the fact that the snacks do not swell in the stomach like extruded dog snacks do.

Snacks puppy, young dog, senior - Treats allergies and intolerances.

Snacks for dogs prepared with FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) supplement your dog's daily diet of dog food prepared with FSG. Together, dog food and dog treats prepared with FSG generate a completly balanced and healthy diet. Additional treats (dog snacks) that are not prepared with FSG can result in weight gain or even stomach upset and diarrhoea. 
Dog treats (dog snacks) prepared with FSG (Fleischsaftgarung) are suitable for all dog breeds and age groups (puppies, young dogs, adult dogs and senior dogs) as well as dogs with allergies and intolerances.