Bag clip with handle

Bag clip with handle 9030
<p>We recommend closing the dry food bags with the bag clip. This keeps the food particularly fresh and aromatic.<br><br>To do this, proceed as follows:</p><ol><li>Fold the bag over at the top.</li><li>Push the bag clip into the resulting fold. The yellow tongue must be placed on the inside, the green border is placed above the fold.</li><li> Now the bag clip can be easily pulled over the bag and closes it.</li><li>You can now easily lift the bag by the handle of the clip and carry it.</li></ol><p><img style="max-width: 100%;" src="//" data-filename="beutelclip-griff-anwendung_content_540px.png" data-filepath="//" data-source="media" class="dd-wysiwyg-media-image"><br></p> PLATINUM 1.3 GBP
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Bag clip with handle
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