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Most dog owners first feed a new dog the food it received from the breeder or shelter. That’s correct, because the dog now has to cope with a lot of changes, so he doesn’t need a change of food at the same time. After the acclimatisation period, a decision should be made whether to change or to keep the same brand of food. If you have not yet had any experience with dog food, you will be pleased to hear about the experiences of other dog owners. Here you can read about how dogs have reacted to a certain food. These testimonials are extremely helpful. However, it should be clear that not all dogs react exactly the same to a particular type of food. Nevertheless, experience gives important clues as to which food might be right for your dog.

Experience report from Marcel W. with his dog Maddox:

I have to say that I am really happy with the food, and I cannot stop recommending it to friends and acquaintances for their dogs.
Maddox is now over five years old, and since we switched away from puppy food, he has only eaten PLATINUM food.

Every time he sees his food, he gets excited like a little puppy and eats the whole bowl.

So, no other food comes into my house. I trust the quality ingredients. For variety, I always order the 3 x 5 kg pack.

Experience report from Heinz-Jürgen M. with his dog Jago:

We only have positive things to say about this dog food. Jago has a PLATINUM Chicken subscription. He loves to eat the food, which is very good for him. 

We’re also really happy with Platinum's excellent service

Experience report from Yvonne A. with her dog Rocky:

He used to eat different brands and types of food. However, after a while, the foods wouldn’t agree with him, so we would try another, and this went on for some time.

I switched to PLATINUM over 2 years ago and since then he has never had a problem. He tolerates the food really well, both wet and dry. The main reason I chose PLATINUM was its high meat content. Also, the wet food smells really good and the dry food is slightly soft. It is also very wholesome.

We are very happy that we switched to PLATINUM and will remain loyal customers.

Experience report from Kerstin Z. with her dog Nala:

I have a female Rhodesian Ridgeback, who will be 7 years old this year. Two and a half years ago, she started eating PLATINUM (Lamb+Rice), and it solved many problems...!

No flaky skin, no ear infections and her digestive system is working as it should...

I’m really happy that we switched to this dry dog food and

Nala thinks it’s really tasty.

Experience report from Michelle H. with her dog Fiona:

Fiona is a very active dog, but she’s also a bit of a princess. Not every food is good enough for her. With PLATINUM, we’ve finally found a food that she really likes to eat. She likes both the wet and dry variety.

Experience report from Rita L. with her dog Shadow:

We tried a few kinds of food for Shadow, but they all gave him diarrhoea - until we tried yours. Since then, he hasn’t had any more digestion problems. He gets dry dog food in the morning and wet food in the evening. In addition, the body metabolises most of the food so only a little is excreted. It is also very digestible as it does not swell like other foods. It also smells very pleasant, so much so that my three-year-old nephew wanted to try it. We are very satisfied with it and highly recommend it, so we are very happy that we can order it again and again without any problems.

Experience report from Svenja F. with her dog Abby:

Before, Abby would always start refusing dry food after a couple of weeks. Her faeces were always very soft, almost diarrhoea-like. Since she started eating PLATINUM, this has all changed. I was sceptical at first whether such a small portion would fill her up, but it seems to be very filling. The best thing is that she looks forward to her food and always enjoys eating it.

Her coat is shiny.

We are particularly pleased that since she started eating PLATINUM, her flatulence has stopped. 

Experience report from Stephanie R. with her dog Nala:

Before I discovered PLATINUM dog food, I had tried numerous kinds of dog food, but my dog didn’t tolerate any of them. It is only since she started eating PLATINUM dog food that her digestive problems have disappeared. Whether it’s wet or dry, and whatever the flavour,

Nala loves it all,

especially the snacks ;)

Experience report from Kim H. with her dog Cuba:

My 1.5-year-old French Bulldog Cuba has been fed PLATINUM Iberico+Greens dry dog food for about four months. We had previously tried dry foods from other manufacturers, but we always had problems with tolerance or taste. Someone recommended PLATINUM to us and now we are loyal customers! The food smells pleasant, doesn’t swell and is easily digestible for Cuba. The fact that he runs like crazy to his food bowl every morning shows how tasty he thinks his food is. 

We have also been using PLATINUM's Click-Bits and Fit-Sticks as motivation for dog sports for a while now. We have only had good experiences with these products too!

We highly recommend PLATINUM!

Experience report from Gernot M. with his dog Lion:

I have had only positive experiences with your food with my Labrador. He has a sensitive stomach but so far, he has tolerated your food well. 

You have helped him to become symptom-free. 

So, thank you.

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