Platinum once again takes first place in the CheckForPet feed check

Here’s the proof that all good things come in fours rather than in threes: our dog food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung (FSG) impressed once again, placing first in the independent CheckForPet food check for the fourth year in a row. 

The CheckForPet seal of approval

At CheckForPet, a total of 250 dog food brands are rated with up to 5 stars by dog owners and awarded the seal of approval. A total of 130,000 independent and transparent reviews were submitted in 2022. The declared aim is to provide dog owners with a compass to help them make decisions when buying food. Three different categories are reviewed: dry and wet food as well as snacks for dogs. Marks are given for “overall satisfaction”, “value for money” and “composition”.

PLATINUM impresses for the fourth year in a row

We impressed with our dog food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung (FSG), winning 1st place in the category of dry dog food and receiving the Top Rated Pet Food 2022 seal of approval. We have thus consistently won over dog owners for a total of four years in a row.

We stand out above all thanks to our dog food prepared with Fleischsaftgarung (FSG), strict quality standards and proximity to the customer. The success and approval – above all based on independent reviews by dog owners, such as CheckForPet’s Top Rated Brand in the pet food sector – proves us right. After all, rather than individual or specific test procedures, it is the experience of many dog lovers that ultimately determines which dog food brand impresses the most. We are extremely pleased that we have succeeded in doing so for our entire range of dog food and for several years in a row now.