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For the first time, a Freshmeatdryer has made it possible to prepare a complete dry cat food from fresh meat. The outstanding feature of the Freshmeatdryer: it preserves the natural micronutrients and amino acids of the fresh meat. As a result, MeatCrisp replaces cats‘ hunting prey better than most commercial cat foods. This way MeatCrisp makes your cat well-balanced and healthier.

The Freshmeatdryer creates the important properties of MeatCrisp that are so appreciated by cat lovers:

The Freshmeatdryer crisps fresh meat with other ingredients essential to cat health at a low temperature and circulating air. The slow and even drying process, preserves the natural flavour of the meat in addition to the proper nutritional composition for cat health. Therefore, even without attractants, MeatCrisp is super delicious for your cat.

In-depth research has shown that many commercial cat foods do not meet the protein needs of cats. This can be the case when a cat food contains mostly vegetable proteins or is made with meat meal or animal meal. The animal proteins in meat meal or animal meal are lower in value than in fresh meat, because the animal meals have already been heavily heated several times before being processed into cat food. Compared to fresh meat, meat meal and animal meal, as well as vegetable protein sources, have lower protein digestibility and biological value, and the same applies to nutrient content. That is why MeatCrisp is prepared from fresh meat only.

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Species-appropriate dry food (cat food) thanks to fresh meat

Cats are obligate carnivores. They need meat and animal proteins for a complete supply of nutrients. In addition, the cat's metabolism is designed to obtain energy from protein. Meat should therefore be the main ingredient of cat food. As a carnivore, the cat is dependent on a high protein content and can metabolise it very well. For this reason, we at PLATINUM have focused on meat from the very beginning.

By processing fresh meat, we are able to preserve important nutrients and ensure a high proportion of muscle meat. As the cat sometimes eats its prey in its entirety, it also takes in additional food components (grasses, herbs, cereals, vegetables, and fruit) from its prey, which have a positive effect on digestion. We have also taken this into account in the composition of our dry cat food.

Cat food from the Freshmeatdryer

Meat becomes more digestible when heated. Scientists at Harvard University have found that proteins denatured by heat can be digested more quickly than raw meat. This is true for both, humans and animals. In addition, heating the meat kills any pathogens (germs and bacteria) that may be present, which spares the body an energy-consuming defence against infection.

The preparation with the Freshmeatdryer makes it possible to prepare a complete cat food from fresh meat, which thus stands out from conventional cat food. In order to preserve the valuable natural micronutrients and amino acids that are important for the cat's health, we have chosen a low-temperature preparation method. Thanks to the high fresh meat content of the cat food, the protein content is higher than in cat food produced mainly from animal meal, meat meal or vegetable proteins. In addition, the natural taste of the meat, which cats find particularly delicious, is preserved. Cat food from the Freshmeatdryer is therefore different from conventional cat food.

Industrial dry food (cat food)

Dried food is usually produced by extrusion, pressing or baking.

Extruded dry food (cat food)

Extruded dry food is produced when a dough-like mass of dry food ingredients is strongly heated under pressure, pressed through nozzles and then dried. Meat is not the main ingredient in many extruded dry foods (cat food). The extruded dry food ingredients can only contain about 25 percent fresh meat. The dry food extruder cannot process more fresh meat without the dry food pieces (kibbles) falling apart again. Therefore, extruded dry food (cat food) mainly uses meat meal.

Cold-pressed dry food (cat food)

Cold-pressed dry food is produced in a similar way to pelleted pressed food for factory farming. Therefore, the dried food pellets for cattle and pigs, for example, look very similar to the cold-pressed dried food pellets for cats. However, pressed dry food (cat food) is only made from flours, such as maize meal, rice meal, rumen meal, bone meal and meat meal. When you put cold-pressed dry food (cat food) into a glass of water, it will disintegrate into flour again after about an hour. The term cold-pressed dry food (cat food) is not entirely correct, because animal components, such as rumen meal, bone meal or meat meal, are also pressed. However, those were produced long before cold pressing by high temperatures and high pressure.

Baked dry food (cat food)

Baked dry food can be made from a high proportion of fresh meat. However, the ingredient dough for baked dry food (cat food) is heated longer than for extruded dry food (cat food).

Dry food instead of dry food from the Freshmeatdryer (dry cat food)

Dry cat food from the fresh meat dryer is called MeatCrisp and has many valuable properties that benefit the cat's health. This is because MeatCrisp is made from fresh meat only and contains no meat meal or animal meal, which is often found in conventional dry cat food. It also contains no gluten-containing cereals. As a result, our dry cat food is high in protein, nutritious and easy to digest.

In addition, our cat food does not contain any other attractants such as catnip. Nevertheless, our food is also very attractive for picky cats who like to reject other cat food. Due to the unique preparation method, the nutritious meat juice and the flavour carrier fat remain in the food, which makes the food particularly tasty. As an essential amino acid, taurine is an important component of species-appropriate cat food. Cats cannot produce taurine themselves and are dependent on taking it in through their food. For this reason, our cat food is taurine-optimised and optimally adapted to the cat's needs.

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