Feeding tables for cats

With our feeding chart for kittens and adult cats, you can see at a glance how much food your cat needs per day.

How much food does my cat need?

The daily amount of cat food mainly depends on the weight of the cat. It is also important to take the type of food into account when feeding cats. If you give your cat dry food, you need a much smaller amount than with wet food. The reason for this lies in the processing. Dried food has had most of its moisture removed. This causes it to shrink in volume, but the nutrient content remains intact. Our feeding tables show the daily amount of PLATINUM dry food we recommend for your cat. The data refer to feeding with dry food only. Take this into account when offering your cat additional wet food and reduce the recommended amount of dry food accordingly. This cannot be determined exactly to the gram, because along with weight and feeding method, the activity level, neutering or individual predispositions of your cat can also play a role. Feeding tables thus make a good guide – but the appropriate amount of food may vary slightly from cat to cat.

Changing from kitten to adult food

Cats are fully grown once they reach 12 months old. Our MeatCrisp Kitten is a dry food specially designed for the needs of growing cats. To ensure a sufficient supply of nutrients, we recommend using our kitten food until the kitten is one year old. After the kitten food, we recommended changing straight to the adult food, as this has a very similar composition to the kitten food.

Feeding table for kittens

Age of the cat
Weight of the cat
≤ 2 months 3 - 4 months 5 - 9 months 10 - 12 months
 recommended daily feeding amount* 
0.5 kg 40g
1.0 kg 63g 50g
1.5 kg 83g 66g 58g
2.0 kg 100g 80g 70g
2.5 kg 93g 81g 70g
3 kg 105g 92g 79g
3.5 kg 102g 88g
4 kg 112g 96g
4.5 kg 121g 104g
5 kg 130g 111g
5.5 kg 119g
6 kg 126g

Feeding table for adult cats (MeatCrisp Adult)

Cat's weight in kg Recommended daily feeding amount in g*
2 41
3 54
4 65
5 76
6 86
7 95
8 104

Feeding table for sterilised adult cats (MeatCrisp Sterilised)

Cat's weight in kgRecommended daily feeding amount in g*
223 - 34
330 - 40
437 - 53
542 - 62
648 - 70
753 - 78
858 - 85

Start by giving the smallest suggested amount and increase later if necessary.

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* The daily feeding amount may vary depending on the age, activity and breed of the cat.

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