MeatCrisp is a novel cat food whose special features are a result of preparation with a Freshmeatdryer. This process preserves fresh meat’s natural micronutrients and amino acids, making MeatCrisp a better substitute for a cat’s natural prey than most commercial cat foods. Your cat will feel well-balanced and happier.

Delicious even without attractants

MeatCrisp’s natural taste makes it particularly delicious for your cat. Most cat owners report that their cats only want MeatCrisp and reject conventional cat food. MeatCrisp does not contain any attractants. Its natural taste, which cats find so delicious, comes from fresh meat and is preserved by the Freshmeatdryer.

Real meat and no flour derived from meat or animals

The crispy bite and meaty taste of MeatCrisp are also a result of the Freshmeatdryer. It dries fresh meat and other ingredients important for cat health at low temperatures and with constantly circulating air. The slow and steady drying process preserves the natural nutrients that are so important for your cat’s health. MeatCrisp is prepared without meat meal or animal meal, because both meat meal and animal meal have already been exposed to high temperatures and high pressure several times before they are used to produce cat food. Compared to fresh meat, meat meal and animal meal contain fewer nutrients, have a higher ash content and offer lower protein digestibility. Meat meal and animal meal thus have a much lower nutritional value than fresh meat.

MeatCrisp is made from fresh meat alone!

The advantages of MeatCrisp from the Freshmeatdryer at a glance:

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