Experiences of cat owners

When a cat arrives at a new home, most cat owners start by feeding them the food provided by the breeder or in the animal shelter. That's perfectly fine, because the cat now has to cope with a lot of changes, so it doesn't need a change of diet on top of everything else. After the acclimatisation period, a decision should be made whether to keep the brand of food or to change. If you have not yet had any experience with cat food, you will be pleased to hear about the experiences of other cat owners. Here you can read how cats have reacted to a certain food. These testimonials are extremely helpful. However, it should be clear that not all cats react exactly the same to a particular type of food. Nevertheless, experience gives important clues as to which food might be right for your cat.

Experience report from Julia K. with Eleni and Aela:

As requested, here is a photo right after the arrival of your new cat food.

A slow changeover was not necessary, even though my Siamese senior (on the left) is rather picky!

It was also very well tolerated. Eleni sometimes vomits dry food when she eats too quickly. But not with your food. We are thrilled!

Experience report from André S. with his cat Moni:

I have been looking for a high quality cat food for a long time. My Moni has a very thick coat. Unfortunately, it was dull, flaky and lacklustre. But that has changed:

Since a friend recommended Meat Crisp, my Moni is shiny again and dandruff is history!

Experience report from Sara S. with her cat Coco:

My Coco has always had a very sensitive stomach: vomiting and diarrhoea all the time. According to the vet, he is perfectly healthy. This put a lot of stress on him and me. But since we started feeding him Meat Crisps, that's now history!

Coco no longer vomits and his faeces are solid!

Coco also loves the food. We are very satisfied!

Experience report from Romy S. with her cats Akumi and Shira:

Akumi and Shira are normally very picky about dry food, but since we got Platinum MeatCrisp they are convinced.

They both love the food.

It also has a velcro closure on the top, which is super handy! We are extremely happy.

Experience report from Leonie P. with her cat Paul:

It is not very easy to find the right dry food for Paul. We have tried many things and thrown them away. He is a really picky cat.

Now we have tried Platinum's dry food and he eats it.

Simply good!

Experience report from Matthias H. with his cat Grinscha:

Grinscha is like many cats: Very lovable but also very picky when it comes to choosing food. Especially when it comes to dry food, we've been through quite a lot: After a few days, we always had to get a new variety. That was very tedious.

Since we discovered MeatCrisp, however, he doesn't want anything else!

Every day he storms into the kitchen and makes it loudly clear to me that it is urgently time to fill up the bowl.

Experience report from Vivien F. with her cats Chanti and Klaus:

We have been through quite an odyssey with Chanti health-wise: when we got her from the shelter she already had massive problems with her gastrointestinal tract, even experiencing uncontrolled excrement loss. After a marathon of vet visits we were able to stabilise her as far as possible, but she is still very sensitive when it comes to food and hardly tolerates anything.

We found the food for her when we finally found MeatCrisp:

she eats it happily and tolerates it very well! Chanti's brother Klaus is also a bit sensitive, but he also tolerates the food and it seems to taste good to him too. ;). We are completely satisfied!

Experience report from Sophie K. with her cat Cleo:

Cleo never really rated dry food. This is a shame because when we are at work or out of the house it would be a great way to give her unrestricted access to her food. Fortunately, she regularly helps herself to the PLATINUM dry food and

it tastes really good.

I am very happy to now be able to offer her a high-quality dry food that she likes and that provides her, as an active outdoor cat, with high-quality proteins from meat.

Experience report from Ines W. with her cat Fred:

My cat Fred is a typical fussy eater, like many cats. He might devour something one day and then turn his nose up at it the next.

Not so with Platinum – he loves that every single day.

I am very happy to have found a food that tastes good and is also good for him, as his shiny coat proves.

Experience report from Janine D. with her cats Manfred and Elke:

Manfred and Elke are absolutely thrilled. Manfred could hardly resist the Platinum dog food.

Both have a shinier coat since the switch

and our chubby little Elke has even lost some weight.