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PLATINUM Adult Chicken  – an alternative to conventional dry dog food

PLATINUM Adult Chicken

This complete food for adult dogs is suitable for dogs of any age or breed, thanks to its natural, healthy composition and easy digestibility. Free from unwanted additives which put strain on the body.

PLATINUM Adult Chicken only contains high-quality ingredients which are also suitable for human consumption:

  • At least 70 % poultry, whole fresh pieces
  • Maize and rice high-quality ingredients as the carbohydrate component
  • Cold-pressed oils for the optimal balance of fats
  • Green shell mussel extract, vitamin K1 and many other important herbs

Cooked in its own meat juices and gently dried. With 18 % residual moisture, PLATINUM is the juicy, dry food. Smells of meat – tastes of meat. Your dog will love it!

PLATINUM complete food is packed in high-quality aluminium pouches and is completely free from mites. The flavour is therefore preserved to the very last bite.


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Prices Adult Chicken dry dog food

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Feeding advice for Adult Chicken

Feeding advice
This is the way to feed PLATINUM Adult Chicken to your dog: serving and daily amount of food.



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Ingredients Adult Chicken dry dog food

Ingredients Adult Chicken
This is what PLATINUM Adult Chicken is composed of: details of ingredients, composition and additives.